Welcome to DownStreamPhoto

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Welcome to DownStreamPhoto – your source for whitewater images!

DownStreamPhoto is a small group of photographers dedicated to capturing images of whitewater paddlers. Our goal is to provide pictures of the lifestyle we lead while supporting conservation and access for the rivers we love. That is why an percentage of every private boater purchase from DSP goes straight to American Whitewater.

Latest Updates are:

-Jerry’s Baddle on the Green River Narrows was a great event!

-We will not be shooting on the Tallulah anymore. Sorry to say that the Georgia State Park system raised the permit fee for photographers to a price we can not afford. That said, you will also notice there is no more camping at the put-in. It seems the “boater-friendly” atmosphere that AW (and Sutton in particular) worked so hard to achieve may be slipping away.

-We have removed some of our older images from the website to save space. If you are looking for a photo that you can not find please email us at  info@downstreamphoto.com.

-If you are organizing a Whitewater event and you would like to see us there taking pictures, please contact us.